Survey of Departments Offering
CAC-Accredited Programs

The primary goal of this project is to provide an easily accessible information resource for departments offering undergraduate computer science (CS) degree programs. This resource is designed to provide structured up-to-date information in terms of demographics and statistics related to curricula, faculty, and students  and identify various trends based on these data over several years. The information that is generated by this project highlights issues which are of primary concern to faculty in undergraduate CS programs. For more information on this project, see Motivation/Objectives.

nsfLogo.gif (12525 bytes) In January 1998, the National Science Foundation awarded a grant to support the continuation and extension of this project for two years, under Grant No. DUE-9752482. This support has provided for the production of an electronic collection and dissemination mechanism.

This site provides information on this on-going effort. Results from previous years are available.

Current activities:

The results of the 2001 survey are now available. (May 2002).  Get your copy in PDF.

Past efforts:

1999 Results

1998 Results

1997 Results

1996 Results

1995 Results

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In the Fall of 1995 we initiated an annual survey of departments offering accredited baccalaureate degree programs in order to gather demographic information related to curricula, faculty, and students, and to identify various trends based on this data in a fashion similar to the CRA Taulbee survey. Since the Taulbee survey primarily addresses the production and employment of Ph.D.'s, it is completed only by Ph.D.-granting departments. This survey addresses a wider range of departments, since CSAB-accredited programs are found in departments offering only undergraduate degrees as well as departments offering graduate degrees. Additionally, unlike the Taulbee survey, this survey includes questions regarding curriculum issues.

This project has the following objectives:

We believe that the results of this survey may be of interest to both accredited and non-accredited departments alike, since it allows them to monitor and compare their individual programs to other programs across the nation in terms of faculty composition, student enrollment and graduation rates, faculty salaries, and curriculum issues. The results of the survey provides details on how different schools implement the CSAB guidelines and thus maintain their accreditation.


We are indebted to the Accreditation Board for Engineering & Technology (ABET) and Computing Sciences Accreditation Board (CSAB) for providing us with their mailing lists, the Computing Research Association for allowing us to model many of our questions after their Taulbee survey questions, and the College of Charleston  for the support  required to conduct this survey. We also thank the National Science Foundation for their support since 1998.

We thank the members of our advisory board, Donald Bagert, Robert Beck, Judith Gersting, and James Crook for their comments and suggestions.  We also thank Donald Bagert, Robert Beck, Della Bonnette, Robert Cannon, James Crook, William Greene and Donald Kraft for their comments on the survey instrument during the first years of this effort and Krishna Agarwal for sending us corrections and excellent suggestions for the 1996 comprehensive report.


This project is coordinated by Renée McCauley and Bill Manaris, Computer Science Department, College of Charleston.  

For additional information on the survey discussed herein, please contact us.

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