Perform lexical, syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic analysis on the following note.
(Source: Posted on guest room doors at a major Philadelphia hotel, circa 1994.)

                        INNKEEPERS CODE
"Section 1. Be it enacted, &c.;, That no innkeeper or hotelkeeper,
which term, as used in this act, shall include apartment hotelkeepers,
whether individual partnership, or corporation, who constantly has in
his inn or hotel, which term, as used in this act, shall include
apartment hotels, a metal safe or suitable vault,in good order and
fit for the custody of money, bank notes, jewelry, articles of gold
and silver manufacture, precious stones, personal ornaments, railroad
mileage books or tickets, negotiable or valuable papers, and bullion,
and who keep on the doors of the sleeping rooms used by guests suitable
locks or bolts, and on the transoms and windows of said rooms suitable
fastening, and who keeps a copy of this section, printed in distinct
type, constantly and conspicuously posted, in not less than ten 
conspicuous places in all, and in said hotel or inn, shall be liable
for the loss or injury suffered by any guest, unless such guest has
offered to deliver the same to such innkeeper of hotelkeeper, for
custody in such metal safe or vault, and such inkeeper or hotelkeeper
has omitted or refused to take it and deposit it in such safe or 
vault for custody, and to give such guest a receipt therefor: Provided,
however, That the keeper of any inn or hotel shall not be obliged to 
receive from any one guest, for deposit in such safe or vault, any
property hereinbefore described exceeding a total value of three
hundred dollars, and shall not be liable for any excess of such 
property, whether received or not."

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