State Transition Diagram

David Dabney, Michele Henry, Art Letzler
Homework #5
April 18, 2002

I certify that this report is entirely our own work.

State Transition Diagram


1) Default conditions at Start include:
   Always On Top not set.
   Hide controls not selected
   Snooze time = 10 minutes
   Alarm time = 12:00
   Alarm Off

2) Alarm sounds includes:
   Bell rings (Beep)
   Clock face flashes yellow then blue
   Snooze button enabled

3) Alarm time reset includes:
   Update alarm time
   Move alarm hand
   Update digital display

4) Options include selections for:
   Snooze time in minutes
   Always On Top
   Hide Controls

5) Snooze reset includes:
   Alarm time set for now + snooze
      time in minutes
   Alarm sound stops
   Clock face blue(flashing stops)
   Snooze disabled
   Alarm status remains off
   Alarm hand and display time
      are not updated