Donovan Lusk and Nick Diamond
April 11,  2002
CSIS 672 Human Computer Interaction
Professor Manaris

We certify that the work contained here within is entirely our own

Assignment #3

Below are pictures of our proposed interface in action.  Upon start of the clock the user is presented with upon start is presented with a simplistic interface.  Itconsists of a Properties Menu button (to control "Always On Top" feature), the typical clock face and hands (we are hoping to have tick marks in the final version), and an alarm set button.  The alarm set button will change state with text (i.e. "...not set",  "...set", or "...ringing" in addition to) and color to reflect the properties.  The alarm time will be set by dragging the alarm hand and a "Tool Tip" which will aid the user clarify the time for which the alarm is being set for.

Picture 1:  Interface upon start up.

Picture 2: Properties Menu will allow user to set "Always On Top" option to either on or off.

Picture 3: Tool Tip telling user what the time the alarm is being set for.

Picture 4: Alarm button turns from standard grey to green upon activation

Picture 5: Alarm is now ringing the garish yellow and red will be accompanied by some sound just as   garish