CSCI 672/490 -- Spring 2001

Human-Computer Interaction

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When: TR 6-7:15 p.m. 

Where: LONG 219

Description:  Introduction to human computer interaction and user interface development. Topics include definitions of Human-Computer Interaction, importance of good interfaces, psychological foundations, user-interface design examples, interaction models and dialog types for interfaces, user interface life-cycle, user-centered design and task-analysis, prototyping and the iterative design cycle, prototyping tools and environments, user interface implementation, and interface quality and methods of evaluation. 

This course stresses the importance of good interfaces and the relationship of user interface design to human-computer interaction. It is intended to provide an adequate basis in software design and implementation for user interfaces. There will be content on both the issues and engineering process for user interface development.



Final Projects

These are the final deliverables submitted by students for Project #2.  They are distributed under the GNU General Public License v.2.0.




Visual Basic

Fitt's Law

Test Dates

Test #1: Tuesday, February 13 
Test #2: Thursday, March 29 
Final Exam: 7:30-10:30pm,  Thursday, May 3

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