Instructions on how to access Chapman's packages on CofC PCs:

Contributed by Prof. RoxAnn H. Stalvey

(Use this, if you have trouble accessing Chapman's packages) 

Chapman's packages are stored on Liberty's app drive in g:\java12\packages. For students to compile and execute programs containing import statements related to these packages...

1. Student must open a MSDOS prompt from the working directory. (i.e. F:\CS222L1\studName\Assignment2)

2. From this DOS prompt, student should type.. set CLASSPATH=.;g:\java12\packages <pressENTER> Note: the captilization doesn't matter but the spacing does. There should not be any additional spaces b/w "h" in path and "=".

3. To verify they have done everything correctly, at the DOS prompt, type set <press ENTER>

4. The student should see the path settings for that prompt. The last setting should be the classpath. classpath=.;g:\java12\packages

5. If 4 does not produce correct results repeat 2 - 4 until it does.

6. Here is the important part, once the classpath has been set for that DOS prompt window, do NOT close the window. Compile and execute the code from this window for the entire session or the classpath settings will be lost and steps 2-4 will need to be repeated.