Course Name and Number: Human Computer Interaction / CSCI 672
Instructor: Dr. Bill Manaris
Due Date: April 24, 2001
Project Number and Title: Project 2 Phase 4
Developers: Valerie Sessions
Brian Spahr
Matt Bucknam
Certificate of authenticity: We certify that this deliverable is entirely our own work

Final Metaphor Analysis

None of the evaluations received had problems with the metaphors chosen so no changes were made in this area.

A composite metaphor was used because there are two separate and unique tasks involved in the project, and no single metaphor encompassed all the functionality.  For the "Log Recorder" we used a CD Recorder / VCR metaphor focusing on the recording functionality of these ubiquitous devices.  For the "Log Editor" we used the Microsoft Windows "document" metaphor to capitalize on existing user mental models.

Final Design Rationale

The only design change that was made was to change "Close" to "Return to Main". This came from comments from Dr. Manaris. Having "Close" functionality was misleading because the user may believe that he is closing the entire application and not just the edit window or the logging window. Changing it to "Return to Main" makes it clear to the user that he will be returning to the main window and he can close the application from there.

Because there are two distinct modalities to this application, the main window includes only buttons to access these two modes.  It also delineates the allowed interaction between these modes, e.g editing is not allowed concurrently with recording.

Clicking on "Record" from the main window opens the recording window.  This window contains the basic recording buttons from a VCR/CD Recorder: record, pause, and stop.

The controls are disabled and enabled appropriately depending on the current state of the recording.  The elapsed time of a recording is displayed in the titlebar for feedback, and also will show in the Windows taskbar.

All functionality available via the command buttons is duplicated in the Logging Menu.  The menu text is context-sensitive as well, e.g Pause changes to Resume when recording is paused.

Tooltips were added to the buttons for enhanced usability.

The file menu provides functionality for creating a new log, saving the log in progress, and closing the Recorder (returning to the main window).

Close changed to Return to Main in final project as mentioned above.

Clicking on "Edit" from the main window opens the Editing window.  This window provides a rich text box and the associated functionality.

The file menu provides functionality for opening a log, saving a log, saving a log with a new filename and closing the Editor (returning to the main window).

Close changed to Return to Main in final project as mentioned above.

The edit menu provides access to the functionality associated with right-clicking on the rich text edit control, and adds a Find feature.


Final HTA

Final Interaction Diagram

Because of the comments from the Barbara Ball group and Dr. Manaris', comments, the "Cancel" Clicked and "Edit" Clicked boxes that refer to opening the edit log for WIMP logger, were reversed. Also, the box including "Pause" Clicked that refers to the recording phase of the WIMP logger, was changed to include 'Pause not Visible' when the pause button is clicked. Also, Find... functionality was included


Evaluations of HCI Project 2 Phase 1

Evaluation 1
Evaluators: Barbara Ball
Dmytro Kantala
Developers: Valerie Sessions
Bryan Spahr
Matt Bucknam
Overall: As Dr. Manaris mentioned, eliminate specific tasks such as "click On", "Select", etc.
Task 2.3 It seems as though this should be two tasks - do something - like choose "New", then enter the file name
Task 3.3 How do you turn off the pause?
Task 4.2.3 This makes no mention of doing a copy or cut before a paste
Task 4.3.1 - 4.3.3 Don't you need to do 4.3.1 and 4.3.2 whether deleting a character or a block of characters?
Task 4.3.2 - 4.3.4 When moving a block to the clipboard, do you need to do 4.3.3 ("Press 'delete' key)? - maybe dash was meant to be a comma.
Task 5.2 - 5.4 Likewise, to save in current file, do you need to do 5.3?


No comments received from Marcus Beamer group

 Evaluations of HCI Project 2 Phase 2

Evaluation 1
Evaluators: Robert Gorlitsky
Jason ?
Mike ?
Developers: Valerie Sessions
Bryan Spahr
Matt Bucknam
I think it's cool how the system flows from one task to another.
"edit" which brings up the "open" dialog which then brings up the
"edit" window, is particularly cool. A problem I see with the strong
of tasks is you have to finish the log, save it, close the recorder,
click edit, and open the saved file in order to do editing of the log.
Recording a log and then immediately editing it seems like a common
series of tasks that you should make it easier for the user to do. And
more thing... what's the use of the pause button in this application?

Robert, Jason, and Mike

Evaluations of HCI Project 2 Phase 3

Evaluation 1
Evaluators: Barbara Ball
Dmytro Kantala
Developers: Valerie Sessions
Bryan Spahr
Matt Bucknam
- Nice diagram, very comprehensive
- Looks like the arrows are backwards at the top left from
WIMP Logger to Open File-Cancel arrow goes to Open File and Edit goes to
WIMP Logger
- We assume that you meant for Pause to become not visible
after being clicked, as is the case for Resume, but this did not appear in
the post-condition area.

Evaluation 2
Evaluator: Dr. Manaris
Developers: Valerie Sessions
Bryan Spahr
Matt Bucknam
- Nice detail
- "Cancel" Clicked and "Edit" Clicked are backwards.
- Did not check Log editor thoroughly
- Need certificate of authenticity