A Corpus-Based Hybrid Approach to Music Composition

A Simple Music Composer Experiment

This page contains music (in MIDI, unless otherwise specified) generated through NEvMuse (Neuro Evolutionary Music environment). This is a prototype of an evolutionary music composer, which evolves music using artificial music critics based on power laws.

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Several tests were conducted, exploring the system's ability to "compose" novel, aesthetically pleasing music.


Here, we provide music generated from a single theme:

Good Samples

NEvMuse autonomously generated numerous variations of the above theme -- variations that many listeners find aesthetically pleasing.

Below are representative samples. (They have not been modified by a human.)

These samples are ordered in decreasing aesthetic similarity to BWV 784, as ranked by an artificial music critic. (The lower the MSE value, the higher the aesthetic judgment.)

Bad Samples

For comparison, here are two "bad" variations of the above theme. These were generated using an artificial critic rewarding uniformly distributed music.

Human Compositions

Tools based on this framework could be utilized by human composers as cognitive prostheses to help generate new ideas, to overcome "writer's block", and to explore compositional spaces.

For example, here is music by different human composers: