The Harmonic Navigator is a novel, real-time system for exploring the harmonic space in J.S. Bach Chorales, and other music corpora.


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A Complete Piece with Performance

Generated Chorale no.127

The following piece was selected by composer Yiorgos Vassilandonakis out of 7 outputs generated randomly by Harmonic Navigator using a 371-piece corpus of J.S. Bach chorales as input.

The selected output was then cleaned up, arranged, and orchestrated for string orchestra.

The piece is performed below by the College of Charleston Student String Orchestra (Yiorgos Vassilandonakis, conductor).

Scores at each level of the creative process are found below:

Harmonic Navigator Demos

Harmonic Navigator Demo

A demo of Harmonic Navigator user interface using a Microsoft Kinect to control navigation.

Harmonic Flow Navigator Demo

A demo of the Harmonic Flow Navigator prototype for viewing and editting GA generated harmonic progressions.

Example Progressions

Below are examples of raw system outputs demonstrating different configurations and how well they work (some better than others). For more information, see the above publications.

Novelty Search with Melodic Contour

Markov Order 2
Markov Order 1

Novelty Search

Markov Order 2
Markov Order 1

Objective Based Fitness

Markov Order 2
Markov Order 1