OSC Library

The OSC (Open Sound Control) library supports communication with OSC enabled devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets, other computers, etc.).  To use it, you need following in your program:

As opposed to MIDI devices, which need to be physically connected (via wire) to your computer, OSC devices just need an Internet connection. This opens endless possibilities for interactive applications and installations.

The OSC library provides two types of objects, OscIn objects and OscOut objects:

  • OscIn objects receive incoming OSC messages from OSC devices (e.g., an OSC-enabled smartphone, or tablet).
  • OscOut objects send OSC messages to devices (e.g., computers) that listen for incoming OSC events.

You could use a collection of OscIn and OscOut objects to synchronize (or share data between) two different programs on the same computer, or several computers used in an installation.

For more information, see chapter 9.

NOTE:  If you are interested in sending OSC messages across different networks (say, for an overseas collaboration), see OscGroups.