Fall 2006»CSCI 299

CSCI 299

Data Visualization and Game Programming


Section 90: TR 4:00-5:15pm / J.C. Long 221


An introduction to general computer programming. Through game development, students will be exposed to computer modeling, data visualization, and media transformations: images, sounds, music, and text. Programming exercises will mainly involve computer games and animations developed in Python and VPython. Students will develop at least one computer game of their choice. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to develop programs to model information and processes in their field of study. Course is open to any major. No previous programming experience required.

Test Dates

  • Test 1: Tuesday, September 26, 2006
  • Test 2: Tuesday, November 14, 2006
  • Final: 4-7pm, Tuesday, December 12, 2006







  • Python official site.
  • Jython (Java + Python) official site.
  • jMusic - a programming library for sound and music applications in Java. Also see jMusic setup instructions and documentation.

Media Manipulation

Data Visualization

  • ZunZun - on-line 2D and 3D data modeling and visualization.
  • VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language, usually pronounced vermal) is a standard file format for representing 3-dimensional (3D) interactive vector graphics.
  • HoloDraw is free VRML converter of data to rotating, fly-through and fly-by 3D images (Unix, Mac or Windows).
  • Free VRML Viewers: SIM VRMLview, Cortona VRML Client, CosmoPlayer.

Engines for Visualization and Game Development (Python, freeware)

User Interface

  • PyUI - a simple user interface library in Python.