CSCI 380
Assigned Date: Monday, November 4, 2003
Due Dates: Friday, November 14 and Friday, November 28, 2003
Due Time: Noon



This assignment focuses on implementing a GUI using a popular IDE.  Be prepared to demonstrate your work with your partner in class.



Implement a fully functional prototype of the Zen alarm clock application using the feedback you received from the previous assignments.  Make sure your code is separated into presentation, translation, and application layers.  Document your code appropriately and completely.


  1. (Friday, Nov 14) Email the state transition diagram (STD) of your application’s interaction space (in PDF format).
  2. (Friday, Nov 28) Email the source and executable versions of your prototype packaged clearly in a zip archive.  Make sure you send all needed files by running your executable on a different PC, preferably one without VB installed (e.g., the one in Long 219).  Provide appropriate credit to all sources within your code.  Include the Certificate of Authenticity in your code.  Make your source code available through the GNU License (see instructions at 

    In the zip archive also include a PDF version of a GOMS analysis for the following user tasks: (a) set alarm time, (b) enable alarm, (c) turn off alarm, (d) exit application.  (As mentioned in class, (a) and (b) could be combined at the interface, i.e., setting alarm time also enables alarm; if so, you should still include a method in your GOMS analysis.)
  3. (Tuesday, Dec 2) Prepare an on-line version of your prototype to be used for demonstration purposes in class.



As per course collaboration policy, include the following comments in all deliverables (except the executable):

   Certification of Authenticity <include one of the following>:

             I certify that this is entirely our own work.  <or>

             I certify that this is our own work, but we received some assistance from: <Name(s), details, URLs, etc.>