CSCI 380
Assigned Date: Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Due Dates: Tuesday, October 28 and Monday, November 3, 2003
Due Time: Noon



This assignment helps you get acquainted with techniques to identify needs and establish requirements for user interface development. 


The first phase of this project is to perform the following activities, in the context of developing a Zen alarm clock:

1)      Identifying user needs for a Zen alarm clock.  Feel free to acquaint yourself with Zen philosophy a bit prior to developing this interface (perhaps a Google search on Zen?)  In a computerized environment, where it will be deployed, your product should reduce stress rather than increase it.  Talk to at least three potential users who have some knowledge of Zen.  Look at related Zen products. Record your data carefully.  Use the Volere template where appropriate.

2)      Based on your user requirements, choose two different user profiles and develop one main scenario for each one, capturing how the user is expected to interact with the system.

3)      Using the scenarios generated from your data gathering perform a complete task analysis (HTA).  Develop and refine a diagrammatic HTA that minimizes amount of user effort in performing the required tasks.


Be careful to not reverse-engineer the above from your existing prototypes.  Your designs will evolve drastically, if you do the above correctly.  (If this is not happening, see me for help.)


  1. Deadline for (1) and (2) is Tuesday, Oct. 28.  Email a short report (with numbered headings, subheadings, tables, etc.) with emphasis on readability and completeness in PDF.
  2. Deadline for (3) is Monday, Nov. 3.  Email a document with your diagrammatic HTA in PDF. 


As per course collaboration policy, include the following opening comments:

   Certification of Authenticity <include one of the following>:

             I certify that this submission is entirely my own work.  <or>

             I certify that this submission is my own work, but I received some assistance from: <Name(s)>