CSCI 380
Assigned Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2003
Due Date: Tuesday, October 7, 2003
Due Time: Noon



This assignment helps you get acquainted with the GUI capabilities of your favorite IDE.  Be prepared to demonstrate your work in class on the due date.



Implement a non-functional prototype of the alarm clock application you designed on Test #1.  Feel free to modify your design to improve its functionality.



  1. (Thursday, Sep. 25) Send an email mentioning which IDE you will be using.
  2. (Tuesday, Oct. 7) Send an email with the source and executable versions of your prototype packaged clearly in a zip archive. 
  3. (Tuesday, Oct. 7) Prepare an on-line version of your prototype to be used for demonstration purposes in class.



As per course collaboration policy, include the following opening comments:

   Certification of Authenticity <include one of the following>:

             I certify that this submission is entirely my own work.  <or>

             I certify that this submission is my own work, but I received some assistance from: <Name(s)>