CSCI 220 -- Fall 2000

Computer Programming I

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When: TR 4:00 - 5:15 p.m. (Section 4) & TR 5:30 - 6:45 p.m. (Section 90)

Where: LONG 219 (both sections)

Description:  An introduction to object-oriented programming using Java.  Topics include data types, variables, assignments, control structures (selection and iteration), arrays and text files, object-oriented analysis and design of software, classes, inheritance and class associations, and the use of class libraries.




  • First Cup of Java (for Win32).
  • Chapman's Java packages (includes, etc.).
  • Modified README file - shows statements that must be added to your autoexec.bat file for Java and Chapman's packages to be accessible.
  • Note on how to access Chapman's packages on CofC lab PCs.
  • PFE (Programmer's File Editor) for PC.
  • JCreator is an impressive, more advanced editor for Java programs. (I have not tested it extensively, so use it at your own risk.)
  • Complete String class specification from
  • Gleick, J. "A Bug and a Crash," appeared as "Little Bug, Big Bang" in The New York Times Magazine, December 1, 1996.

Test Dates

Test #1 (both sections): Tuesday, September 19 
Test #2 (both sections): Tuesday, October 24 
Final Exam (section 4): 4:00-7:00pm,  Tuesday, December 5
Final Exam (section 90): 4:00-7:00pm,  Thursday, December 7
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