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Search and Game Playing

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Search Tools

  • AI C++ Search Class Library
    • Description: A search class library for developing problem solving software. It contains a set of search algorithms that may be used to solve different types of problems.
    • Platforms: DOS,UNIX.
    • Source: CMU Repository.
    • References: N/A.
    • Contact: N/A.

Game Playing Tools

  • SAL
    • Description: A general game-learning system written by Michael Gherrity and described in his 1993 Ph.D. thesis for the University of California at San Diego. It can learn any two-player board game played on a rectangular board with a fixed type of pieces.
    • Platforms: UNIX.
    • Source: Available at io.nosc.mil.
    • References: Additional information available from Jay Scott.
    • Contact: Michael Gherrity.
  • Table Tennis Simulator using Neural Networks
    • Description: A simulator for two-dimensional table tennis that uses neural networks as the players.
    • Platforms: X-Windows, DOS/Windows.
    • Source: Application for X-Windows and DOS/Widows. Source code available for X-windows.
    • References: Additional information available at the Table Tennis Simulator home page.
    • Contact: Project Team
  • The Metagame Project
  • X_Crossword
    • Description: This tool allows you to view the process this program goes through while filling in the words on a blank crossword puzzle frame that you define.
    • Platforms: UNIX (Requires NeXTstep 3.0)
    • Source: Program and source available at CMU AI Repository.
    • References: Additional information can be found at the CMU AI Repository.
    • Contact: N/A.
  • SAN Kit: Implemented Standards for Chess Move Notation
    • Description: Freeware ANSI C programming toolkit for developing chess software.
    • Platforms: UNIX (Requires ANSI C)
    • Source: CMU AI Repository.
    • References: Additional information can be found at the CMU AI Repository.
    • Contact: N/A.
  • 3D Rad
    • Description: Freeware 3D game builder. People can build interactive 3D worlds simply by placing ready-made or programmed animated intelligent 3D elements in to the virtual space.
    • Platforms: PC
    • Source: Simtel.net
    • References: www.3drad.com
    • Contact: Studio Bitplane


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