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Natural Language Processing



  • Indiana State uses this story in its NLP exercises.
  • Indiana State's NLP class final exam.
  • Suggestions for NLP projects.
  • A page on connectionist natural language processing.
  • Leading ideas in head-driven phrase structure grammars, and the HPSG home page.
  • An NLP directory.
  • A lexical functional grammar tutorial/resource page.
  • An NLP mail archive.
  • A page at Rochester containing a long list of NLP pointers.
  • The ACL NLP/CL Universe.
  • The Natural Language Software Registry.
  • The Consortium for Lexical Research.
  • The Linguistic Data Consortium.
  • An NLP FAQ.
  • A Speech FAQ.
  • The USENET discussion groups comp.ai.nat-lang and comp.speech.

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