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  • CIspace: Tools for Learning Computational Intelligence
    • Description: CIspace is an evolving collection of pedagogical tools for learning about Artificial Intelligence. It includes applets for:
         - investigating different graph searching algorithms
         - learning about constraint satisfaction algorithms
         - belief network inference
         - learning neural networks
      These were designed to help beginning AI students learn important concepts in AI in a dynamic interactive setting.
    • Platforms: Any web browser running Java.
    • Source: The latest version is available at http://www.cs.ubc.ca/labs/lci/CIspace/ .
    • Reference: Additional information is available at http://www.cs.ubc.ca/labs/lci/CIspace/ .
    • Contact:  David Poole poole@cs.ubc.ca.
    • Description: FLAIR (Flexible Learning with an Artificial Intelligence Repository) is a repository of educational materials and of animated visual learning environments (called "modules") for use in laboratories associated with the introductory undergraduate Artificial Intelligence (AI) course. Modules are currently available for Search and Automated Reasoning.
    • Platforms: UNIX with Allegro Common Lisp, and Garnet.
    • Source: The latest version is available from yoda.cis.temple.edu. A demo is available from yoda.cis.temple.edu.
    • Reference: Additional information is available from yoda.cis.temple.edu.
    • Contact: N/A.
  • LT Thistle
  • PAIL
    • Description: PAIL (Portable AI Lab) is a computing environment containing a collection of state-of-the-art AI tools, examples, and documentation. It is aimed at those involved in AI courses (teaching or learning) at university level or equivalent. The system has enough built-in functionality to enable its users to get practical experience with a broad range of AI problems without having to build all the supporting tools from scratch. It is implemented in Common Lisp and uses CLOS and Allegro Common Windows.
    • Platforms: MS Windows & MS Windows NT, Macintosh CL, and UNIX
    • Source: The latest version is available from www.idsia.ch.
    • Reference: Additional information is available from www.idsia.ch.
    • Contact: N/A.


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