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Fuzzy Logic

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  • FuzzyCOPE
    • Description: FuzzyCOPE is a hybrid connectionist software environment for MS Win32 platforms intended for research and teaching. It provides for the creation, training and validation of connectionist structures to be used in the development of intelligent systems. It's functionality may be accessed interactively (through a GUI), from the DOS prompt (through several command line tools), and from provided Dynamic Link Libraries (though function calls from another application). 
    • Platforms: MS Windows 95/98 (Win32).
    • Source: The latest version is available from : http://kel.otago.ac.nz/software/FuzzyCOPE3/.
    • Reference: http://kel.otago.ac.nz/software/FuzzyCOPE3/misc/FAQ.html.
    • Contact: Michael Watts (mike@kel.otago.ac.nz).
  • Fuzzy Logic Inferencing Engine (FLIE)
    • Description: FLIE performs simple fuzzy inferences from supplied fuzzy rules. A nice piece of software for class exercises.
    • Platforms: Macintosh.
    • Source: N/A.
    • Reference: N/A.
    • Contact: vestli@ifr.ethz.ch
  • Fuzzy Software provided by the University of New Mexico
    • Description: Included are academic fuzzy logic programs and a fuzzy calculator written by students of Prof. Timothy J. Ross.
    • Platforms: DOS (pkunzip required for decompression).
    • Source: Programs can be downloaded from the web site.
    • Reference: N/A
    • Contact: Prof. Timothy J. Ross.
  • FuzzyCLIPS
    • Description: An enhanced version of CLIPS which supports development of fuzzy expert systems.
    • Platforms: Unspecified. CLIPS is compatible with most formats that sport an ANSI C compiler.
    • Source: The source code (in C) can be downloaded from the web site.
    • Reference: Additional information can be found at the FuzzyCLIPS web site.
    • Contact: fzclips@ai.iit.nrc.ca.
    • Description: A DOS tool used to develop, test, and train neuro-fuzzy systems.
    • Platforms: MD-DOS
    • Source: The executable can be downloaded from the web site.
    • Reference: Additional information can be found in the archive.
    • Contact: Detleft Nauck.


  • Fuzzy Logic Development Environment for Embedded Systems (FLDE)
    • Description: An application generator which aids in the design and testing of embedded fuzzy logic and C/C++ software.
    • Platforms: Runs under MS Windows.
    • Source: N/A
    • Reference: Additional information is available from http://www.flde.com.
    • Contact: Mr. Stelios Sbyrakis, Syndesis Ltd, Iofondos 7 Athens GR-116 34, Greece tel.: +30-1-7292985 fax: +30-1-7257829
  • Fuzzy Logic Inferencing Toolkit (FLINT)
  • Fuzzy Logic Toolbox for MATLAB
    • Description: Toolbox provides facilities for the construction and evaluation of fuzzy logic control systems. Good for users already familiar with MATLAB.
    • Platforms: Available for MS Windows, UNIX, and Macintosh. MATLAB required.
    • Source: N/A
    • Reference: Additional information can be found at the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox website.
    • Contact: info@mathworks.com
  • fuzzyTECH
    • Description: fuzzyTECH is a family of fuzzy logic and neural-fuzzy development tools. Its front end is completely graphical and bases on ISO 9000 and IEC 1131-7 fuzzy logic standards. Its back-ends provide code generation and runtime modules for microcontrollers, PLCs, process control systems, and popular software packages such as InTouch, LabVIEW, FIX, and Matlab/Simulink. A special version, fuzzyTECH for Business is targetted at financial and commercial applications of fuzzy logic and neuro-fuzzy technologies.
    • Platforms: Front-end: MS-Windows, back-end: multiple.
    • Source: www.fuzzytech.com
    • Reference: www.fuzzytech.com
    • Contact: hotline@inform-ac.com


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