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Welcome to the Artificial Intelligence Education Repository. This repository is a central registry of (and distribution point for) resources related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) education.

It contains information on AI textbooks; pointers to syllabi, sample programming assignments, and sample written assignments; on-line tutorials on specific AI topics; tools and environments for the classroom or lab (general and specific); papers related to AI pedagogy; and mechanisms for sharing your own AI education resources with the AI community.

All repository materials are classified either as general resources or under a specific AI topic.

If you you want to know more about the repository, see the additional information section.


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This repository will continue to evolve as long as AI educators continue to share their work. Many individuals have contributed to this effort through support, suggestions, and materials. Use the following link to contribute to the repository:
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visitors since April 8, 1999 (counter provided by LinkExchange)