Spring 2017»CSCI 380 Homework 4

CSCI 380 Homework 4

Assigned Date: Friday, Mar. 24, 2017
Due Date: Monday, Apr. 3
Due Time: 2:20pm (10 mins before class)

Last modified on April 12, 2017, at 07:19 AM (see updates)

This is a group assignment - you must work in teams of 2 or 3. See course collaboration policy for details.


This is the next phase of the semester project.

Continue development of an innovative user interface.


For this assignment you to do the following:

  1. Update your Google doc (within "Projects" folder on Google Drive) to reflect the latest version of all your materials, as they have evolved through heuristic and other evaluation and re-thinking. Things get refined. This document should hold the latest version.

    Use the following outline:
    • Application Name
    • Team Members
    • Application Concept
    • User Goals
    • User Personas
    • Conceptual Model
    • User Scenarios (see below)
    • Prioritized User Tasks (see below)
    • Use Cases (see below)
  2. User Scenarios: Develop at least three user scenarios that demonstrate how users may flow through the user interface to achieve their tasks. Each scenario is a story involving one of your user personas, which describes how that persona flows - in terms of tasks - through your app to achieve their goals. For example, think about the following brief outlines of different user scenarios for Amazon. Each of these would be used to create a separate scenario:
    • searching for a particular item, looking at a few options, and saving something for later (but not buying)
    • trying to return a purchased item
    • looking through earlier orders for a missing invoice
    • checking when something will arrive
    • leaving comments for a purchased item
  3. Prioritized User Tasks: Create a prioritized list of tasks - 7 +/- 2 (or so) for your app.
  4. Use Cases: Organize these tasks into use cases.

These deliverables will help identify different, important user flows through your app.

NOTE: Your user interface will soon be developed to support and encourage these flows. This will bring us closer to a usable interface. One that users find natural and intuitive (i.e., no training, or searching required). Everything is were it needs to be, when a user wants it. Right in front of them!...

By now you have realized that everything builds on everything else. So, be very attentive and careful. Go back and update earlier things, as they are certainly getting refined. UI development is a living, breathing thing... Nothing is cast in stone, especially deliverables from earlier phases.


Produce a Google Drive Doc report with the above outline. Also a PDF version to upload to OAKS. And a hardcopy to hand-in in class. Three versions of the same thing.

Make sure your Google Doc reflects the latest version of all your materials, as they have evolved through heuristic and other evaluation and re-thinking. Things get refined. This document should hold the latest version.

Your Google Doc will be evaluated as usual.

Do NOT resolve comments. You may respond to them, but leave them there for posterity. Contributed comments document the evolution / refinement of your artifact.


  • Your report should have sections that follow the above outline. If you include figures and illustrations, you should do so only if they give substantive help to the reader in understanding the concepts presented. You should avoid decorative graphics/pictures.
  • As per course collaboration policy, there should be no discussion of any kind about this assignment (and possible solutions) with any person outside your team other than the instructor. You are not allowed to discuss/look at someone else’s solution (including material in books and the Internet) or show your solution to someone else outside your team other than the instructor.
  • Include references on materials (other than the textbooks and handouts) you consulted to do the assignment.


Grading will be based on your ability to carefully and succinctly identify the above key points.

  • Work for clarity, succinctness, and effectiveness.
  • Hint: It might help to think of your report as a (meta) user interface, and your classmates as your end-users. What is their goal in reading your work? What tasks they would want to accomplish? Help them achieve those tasks.

Grading will also be based on the quality of your evaluation of others' work (e.g., 20% of your grade).


  1. Update your Google Drive Doc report to contain the latest version of your work.
  2. Submit a printout of your report in class, on the due date, to be graded.
  3. Also upload your report in PDF format on OAKS. One submission per team only.

To be eligible for full credit you must follow these instructions carefully.

Relevant Quote

"Any amount of work can be done in any amount of time... only the quality varies." ~Joao Meidanis