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College of CharlestonJan 11, 2015

CSCI 220L Programming I Laboratory

Course Syllabus

(:table border=0 width=100%:)

(:cell width=20% align=right style='padding:5px;':) Professor: (:cell width=80% style='padding:5px;':) Dr. Bill Manaris
(:cellnr valign=top align=right style='padding:5px;':) Office: (:cell style='padding:5px;':) Room: 326 Harbor Walk East Building
Phone: (95)3-8159
E-mail: manarisb@cofc.edu
Web: http://www.cs.cofc.edu/~manaris/
(:cellnr valign=top align=right style='padding:5px;':) Office Hours: (:cell style='padding:5px;':) MWF, 2-3pm
Other hours available by appointment.

(:cellnr valign=top align=right style='padding:5px;':) Course Description: (:cell style='padding:5px;':) This course is designed to apply the concepts being covered in CSCI 220. Exercises will be assigned each week within a structured setting. Laboratory three hours per week.

(:cellnr valign=top align=right style='padding:5px;':) Co-requisite or Prerequisite: (:cell style='padding:5px;':) CSCI 220.

(:cellnr valign=top align=right style='padding:5px;':) Textbook: (:cell style='padding:5px;':) Same as CSCI 220.
(:cellnr valign=top align=right style='padding:5px;':) References: (:cell style='padding:5px;':) Additional reading materials will provided via handouts and the class website.
(:cellnr valign=top align=right style='padding:5px;':) Learning Outcomes: (:cell style='padding:5px;':) Same as CSCI 220.
(:cellnr valign=top align=right style='padding:5px;':) Grading: (:cell style='padding:5px;':) Scale: A: 90-100; B: 80-89; C: 70-79; D: 60-69; F: <60. The grades of B+/, C+/, and D+/ may be given at the professor's discretion.

Final Grade Computation: Labs (10-14) 100%.

(:cellnr valign=top align=right style='padding:5px;':) Honor Code: (:cell style='padding:5px;':)

  • You must do your assignments alone (or with your teammates, for group assignments).
  • You are not allowed to discuss assignments and possible solutions with any person other than the instructor (or with your teammates, for group assignments). Any violation of these rules is an honor offense.
  • On assignments you will be asked to identify the person(s) you received help from, if any.
  • Also see the College of Charleston Student Handbook, especially sections on The Honor Code (p. 11), and Student Code of Conduct (p. 12). There is other useful information there.

(:cellnr valign=top align=right style='padding:5px;':) Test Policies: (:cell style='padding:5px;':)

  • Attendance at tests is mandatory. You must complete tests with no discussion or sharing of information with other students.
  • Calculators, computers, cell phones, etc. may not be used during a test, unless otherwise directed.

(:cellnr valign=top align=right style='padding:5px;':) Classroom Policies: (:cell style='padding:5px;':)

  • You are expected to attend all labs, and be in class on-time. If you accumulate 2 or more absences, you may be given a 'WA' grade.
    • If you miss class, you must fill out Absence Memo Request Form from the Absence Memo Office.
    • If you miss class, you are responsible for announcements made in class, assignment due dates, etc.
  • You are expected to take good notes during lecture.
  • You are expected to participate in class with questions and invited discussion.
  • You are expected to do your own work during class activities, exercises, and assignments.
  • You should turn off all electronic devices (e.g., cell phones, etc.).
  • You must use the computers only as directed (e.g., no checking email, or playing games) during class.
  • Any student who feels he or she may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should contact me individually to discuss your specific needs. Also, please contact the Center for Disability Services for additional help.
  • In summary, you should contribute positively to the classroom learning experience, and respect your classmates right to learn (see College of Charleston Student Handbook, section on Classroom Code of Conduct (p. 58)).

(:cellnr valign=top align=right style='padding:5px;':) Assignment Policies: (:cell style='padding:5px;':)

  • Assignment grades will be based on creative inspiration, design, style, and correctness of result.
  • Assignments may NOT be submitted via email.
  • Submission instructions will be provided for each assignment.