Bill Manaris : Spring 2015 / CITA 180 Homework 6

Assigned Date: Monday, Apr. 27, 2015
Due Date: Friday, May 1, 2015
Due Time: 8am

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Learning Objectives


This is the final class project. You may work by yourself (solo), or with one partner (duo).

Compose a 2-3 minute piece for live performance. It is OK if you reuse (parts of, or all of) the previous assignment. If working with a partner, you may combine or focus on one of the previous submissions.

Your goal is to create something awesome - something that the audience will be inspired by, or very interested in seeing - a performance.

The piece should consist of at least 5 different sounds (audio files, or MIDI sequences).

The performer(s) need(s) to be actively engaged in the performance (i.e., decisively interacting with their program via GUI, MIDI, and/or OSC throughout the performance).


The first thing you need to decide is what type of sound experience you are trying to create.

Then, decide what types of music/sound building blocks you will need. It is okay to use (remix) existing sounds (e.g., audio loops off the Internet, or your personal music library); it is okay to record and use your own sounds (you on an instrument, or some ambient (e.g. traffic, birds, etc.) sound recorded by you); it is okay to use MIDI sequences (e.g., a BASS instrument or Percussion for rhythm). Any combination of these is is okay. The building blocks are up to you, as long as they make for a cohesive whole.

This assignment aims to develop and apply skills in planning, designing and executing a sound design, interactive musical performance, and/or music composition using JythonMusic. Possible techniques and approaches in completing this project include:


Submissions (on-line)

Submit your work via OAKS. It should consist of the following:

Performance (in-class)

On the due date:


Your grade will be based on how well you followed the above instructions. Also on:

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