Bill Manaris : Spring 2015 / CITA 180 Homework 5

Assigned Date: Monday, Apr. 13, 2015
Due Date: Monday, Apr. 20, 2015
Due Time: 9:20 AM

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Learning Objectives


Compose a 2-3 minute piece for live performance.

The piece should consist of at least 5 different sounds (audio files, or MIDI sequences).

The performer needs to be actively engaged in the performance (i.e., decisively interacting with their program's GUI throughout the performance).

This is a solo (i.e., work on your own) assignment.


The first thing you need to decide is what type of sound experience you are trying to create.

Then, decide what types of music/sound building blocks you will need. It is okay to use (remix) existing sounds (e.g., audio loops off the Internet, or your personal music library); it is okay to record and use your own sounds (you on an instrument, or some ambient (e.g. traffic, birds, etc.) sound recorded by you); it is okay to use MIDI sequences (e.g., a BASS instrument or Percussion for rhythm). Any combination of these is is okay. The building blocks are up to you, as long as they make for a cohesive whole.

This assignment aims to develop and apply skills in planning, designing and executing a sound design, interactive musical performance, and/or music composition using JythonMusic. Possible techniques and approaches in completing this project include:


Submissions (on-line)

Submit your work via OAKS. It should consist of the following:

Performance (in-class)

On the due date:


Your grade will be based on how well you followed the above instructions. Also on:

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