Spring 2013»HONS 381 Final Performance

HONS 381 Final Performance

Instructions for Final Exam/Performance

This document provides instructions for the presentation of your final project (Homework #5).

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Friday, May 3rd, 8-11am (be there on time, and expect to stay for the full duration).


Cato 234 / Rehearsal Hall (2nd Floor of Cato, at the end of hallway, next to Computer Lab).

Things to Bring

  • Your laptop!
  • Your headphones
  • Extra copies of your score/performance instructions for other performer(s).
  • Your sounds/code on a flash drive to share with your performer(s).

Suggested Process

During the first hour of the exam find performers for your piece. (Part of your grade depends on performing others' pieces.)

Exchange performance materials with them.

Teach them the piece, and rehearse for the performance.

When everyone is ready, we will begin performing all pieces (connecting to the main audio/speaker system).

Grading for Final Exam

  • 50%: Presentation and Performance: Interaction with performers, performance.
    • 25%: preparation and instruction of your piece
    • 15%: performance
    • 10%: contribution to other composersí performances
  • 50%: Composition/Code design/Material Preparation and Submission (see Homework #5 for guidelines)