Bill Manaris : Spring 2013 / CITA 295495 Homework 1

Assigned Date: Thu, Jan. 17, 2013
Due Date: Tue, Jan. 22, 2013
Due Time: 10:40am

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This assignment focuses on:


  1. Identify and describe your general CITA research area. There are many possibilites for synthesizing computing and the arts, so you need to concentrate on a specific CITA area.
  2. Provide 3 examples of related works (e.g., videos, project web sites, etc.). These examples should capture (span, reflect, or communicate) the artistic and technical aspects of the specific CITA area.
  3. Describe your particular contribution and how it differs (hopefully, substantially) from these example. Your contribution should be original.

CITA 295: Although you may not have all the pieces yet, you should have a good idea what your interests are, and where you are heading. This will allow me to provide formative feedback.

CITA 495: At this point, you should have a clear picture of where you are heading, and should have already made significant progress in that direction (this is your last semester of the year-long capstone project). Accordingly, your ideas should be much clearer, and more precise that those of 295 students. This will allow me to provide (more fine-grained) formative feedback.



Submit the following:

  1. CITA 295: A typed, one-page paper (PDF) containing the following:
    • Your name, course, assignment no., date.
    • Tentative name of your project.
    • Idea/objective/concept of the project (1-3 sentences providing a high-level, yet complete description of your idea).
    • Three representative examples - for each provide:
      • Title (and URL),
      • A short description (1-3 sentences).
    • A short description explaining how your idea departs from these examples, and how it creates something related, original, and possibly transformative.
    • Feel free to include a photograph, image, or diagram, as long as this provides substantive information (e.g., a visual example) - not something just for decoration, or visual appeal.
    • Aim for simplicity and elegance.
  2. CITA 495: A typed, two-page paper (PDF), where the first page is same as above. The second page describes:

Submit your paper via OAKS by the due date - no late days.


Your grade will be based on how well you followed the above instructions, and the depth/quality of your work.

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