Bill Manaris : Spring 2013 / CITA 210

Game Programming

When / Where

MWF 2-2:50PM / LONG 221


A course introducing principles of game programming, including computer modeling, data visualization and animations, media transformations, and video game ethics. Students will be exposed to several game engines, a scripting language, and develop at least one game.

Prerequisites: CITA 120, CITA 180, CSCI 220, or permission of instructor.

Test Dates


Sep. 4, 2009:
Homework #1 is now posted.

Readings & References

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  2. Wikipedia, Overview of Game Engines.
  3. An introduction to pair programming. This 9-minute video describes what pair programming is, the do's and don'ts of effective pairing, and the pros and cons of pair programming.
  4. Paper prototyping - what is it?
  5. Games and violence readings.
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  10. Intro to Python

Artifacts and Rules


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