Spring 2010»CSCI 180 Homework 4

CSCI 180 Homework 4

Assigned Date: Thursday, Apr. 21, 2010
Due Date: Thursday, Apr. 29, 2010
Due Time: 7:45am (no late days may be used)

Last modified on May 13, 2010, at 02:10 PM (see updates)

This is a pair-programming project (i.e., you may work with a partner, or by yourself). You may discuss the assignment only with your partner or the instructor.


Zoe Keating avant-garde cellist Zoe Keating demonstrates her intricately layered compositions. (Using a computer, some 'janky code', a cello and her imagination, the classically trained musician shapes her music into something wonderful.)


This final project focuses on combining techniques / tools we studied this semester, and creating something innovative.


Create an interesting piece of music that combines techniques we studied this semester. If possible, try to involve a musical instrument (and/or your voice, if you sing).

You will perform the piece in class during the final.


If your piece involves a jMusic program, follow the documentation instructions provided in the previous assignment.


You will submit your assignment via WebCT. Be prepared to perform your music to the rest of the class. Your submission consists of:

  1. A short written report (MS Word, PDF, RTF, or text) or a short video of yourself describing:
    • The class, homework assignment, date, name of your composition, and your full names at the top.
    • A description of your composition. This should give someone, who was NOT present during your performance, a good idea as to what your piece / performance was about. This may include:
      • how your piece was put together (at least a paragraph, feel free to include a music score);
      • a description of the original sound clips (if any) and how you modified them;
      • what your jMusic program does (if any),
      • what instrument you will perform (if any), etc.
  2. Your Python program(s) (if any).
  3. Your Audacity project file and original clips (if any).
  4. MIDI files (if any).

And so on.


Your grade will be based on how well you followed the above instructions, and the depth/quality of your work.

A Few Interesting Submissions

There were several great submissions. Here are three that stood out: (regardless of grade earned - grading depended on more than just sound)

  1. Anti Kesh jig (by Jacob Lilley) - also see the Making of Anti Kesh jig.
  2. Rise Above Remix (by Courtney Miller) - also see the code that generated it (splice.py and combine.py).
  3. Final final (by Douglas McNellis) - and the code the generated it. Here are more generated pieces: Final final 2, Final final 3, Final final 4, and Final final 5.
  4. Take You There (by Adrian Hall and Nate Bourette).