Spring 2008»CSCI 110 Homework 3

CSCI 110 Homework 3

Assigned Date: Tuesday, Mar. 18, 2008
Due Date: Tuesday, Mar. 25
Due Time: 3:30pm

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This assignment focuses on using spreadsheets for data entry, calculations, and "what if" analysis.


  1. Create a personal Google account, if you do not already have one.
  2. Login to WebCT, and under "Homework 3" you will find file "sample-gradesheet.csv". This file is a gradesheet containing fictitious student data. Download this file onto your desktop.
  3. Return to Google Documents and create a new spreadsheet. Now, import the file "sample-gradesheet.csv".
  4. Work on this spreadsheet to insert formulas wherever appropriate (i.e., homeowrk average, MID, MAX, MIN, AVG, 100%).
    • The formula for the midterm grade is: col. ex. #1 and #2 5%, homework #1 30%, test #1 65%.
    • The formula for 100% is on our course syllabus. If someone has NOT used any late days, column LATE contains 4. Class participation is based on the average of the collaborative exercises.
  5. Format the spreadsheet to make it usable (use bold, boxes, background color, foreground color, etc.) as per Ch. 15 of our textbook.


Add a letter grade column which gets automatically updated based on the column 100%.


Verify that your spreadsheet is accurate by comparing the values it calculates (e.g., under 100%) with the values provided in "sample-gradesheet.csv".

If you are not satisfied, go back to earlier steps and fix things.


Submit your gradesheet as follows:

Share your spreadsheet with me - Google email provided in class, and also export your spreadsheet as .xls and upload to WebCT.