Bill Manaris : Spring 2008 / CSCI 110 Homework 2

Assigned Date: Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008
Due Date: Thursday, Feb. 21
Due Time: 4:30pm

Last modified on February 14, 2008, at 08:55 AM (see updates)


This assignment focuses on learning HTML and creating websites pages from scratch using a text editor.


Create a personal webpage from scratch, using HTML, as we did in class. Use Ch. 4 of the textbook as reference. Store the file that contains the HTML code as text. Name the file index.html .

Required Elements

Your webpage must contain:

Customize your page by choosing colors for the background and fonts.

Bonus Elements

Include additional information if you wish, however you must have all the required elements (see above).


Verify that your page is correct by viewing it in a browser. It is actually a good idea to view it in more than one browser, like Internet Explorer and Firefox, to make sure it looks correct in both.

If you are not satisfied, go back to earlier steps and fix things.

Posting your Webpage

As a student, you are provided with space for your personal webpage on the server

The username and password to use is your CofC account username and password (i.e., the first portion of your edisto email address - before - and your edisto password).

To upload your files, you need to use a secure FTP client - see instructions.

Once you have uploaded your files, you can view your webpage at (substitute xxxx with your username).

If you have problems, you can contact


Post your page (index.html and any picture file that it references) to the server

Drop me an email, with subject "CSCI 110: Homework 2", containing the link (URL) to your page on server

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