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'''Due Date''': Monday, Feb. 4\\
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'''Due Date''': Monday, Feb. 4\\
'''Due Time''': 11:55pm

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This assignment focuses on creating animations and games using Scratch. This is a group assignment (two people per group). But you can work on your own if you wish.


Develop an original animation using Scratch. This animation could involve images of yourselves.

You should use at least one sprite with two costumes, or two sprites with one costume. The costumes should photos imported into Scratch (for example, feel free to use images of one or both of the team members).

You should try and make it interactive (e.g., mouse input affects the behavior of the animation).

You should use new sounds imported into Scratch.

You should try to tell a little story, or play a little game. Think and design on paper before you implement in Scratch. This will save you lot's of time, and result in a more interesting program.


You will submit your assignment via WebCT. Instructions will be provided in class.


For your in-class demo, you should talk about:

* How many sprites you used

* For each sprite talk about:

** How many costumes you used
** What does each costume look like (and why)

** How many scripts you used
** What does each script do '''overall''' (and why)

* Finally, pick a representative script and describe in some detail the code in it.


Each student will vote for the three best projects (excluding their own), in terms of originality, significance, sound appeal, visual appeal, and presentation/demo.