Scratch Vs»Chuc K

Chuc K

Students said:


  • "It's nice how you can set it to make sounds with keyboard presses and mouse movement."
  • "Nice how you can easily control shreds (add, replace, remove)."
  • "You can run many sounds simultaneously to make 'music'"
  • "Enjoyed making songs in real time."
  • "Many code samples you can tweak and edit to make unique sounds."
  • "I liked the layering of sounds to create music."
  • "I liked how you can change the time a sound plays and how, thus, a single sound can be varied in many, many ways."
  • "I liked how I was able to create sounds and control them by simply pressing keys on the keyboard."
  • "It was nice to have some sample scripts to start with and modify."
  • "It allows you to keep time between (synchronize) different running files."
  • "Sounds can easily be imported into the miniAudicle and played."
  • "Can run a good number of files simultaneously."


  • "ChucK code is not very self-explanatory."
  • "It is very confusing to use the codes to make music."
  • "Compared to Scratch, ChucK is harder because it gave me too much freedom and room for error."
  • "The codes are confusing and somewhat obscure; if you aren't familiar with the program it is very complicated and hard to get it to do what you have planned."
  • "I did not like how complex it was to make good, appealing music on it compared to other programs (e.g., audacity)."
  • "Code is hard to read understand - if there wasn't already an example sound, I would have had much trouble with the code."
  • "If you have too many windows/shreds running, it can get confusing - which sound is coming from where."
  • "I wish I could save the actual music - all I can save is the code, but not the performance, it seems."
  • "It is hard to find/make an exact sound - what you have in mind."
  • "It doesn't create music like Garage Band - more like multiple small sounds."
  • "On Windows, when program is closed, virtual machine continue indefinitely until ordered to end process."
  • "When encountering an error, miniAudicle does not give an accurate diagnosis of the error - no helpful suggestions. Limited user interface."