SoundMorpheusSoundMorpheus (2016) - an innovative user interface, which allows placing sounds in space, and altering sound characteristics, with conductor-like arm movements.
Diving Into Infinity
Diving Into InfinityDiving Into Infinity (2015) - a motion-based interactive environment using a Kinect sensor and movement to explore M.C. Escher works.
Time Jitters
Time JittersTime Jitters (2014) - an interactive multimedia art installation combining intelligent agents with human-computer interaction.
Monterey Mirror
Monterey MirrorMonterey Mirror (2011) - - an experiment in interactive music performance, where a human (the performer) and a computer (the mirror) engage in a game of playing, listening, and learning from each other.
Laptop Orchestra
Laptop OrchestraLaptop Orchestra (2010) - a case study exploring live coding in the classroom - combining teaching computer science with music performance.
ArmoniqueArmonique (2009) - a music search engine, where users navigate large musical collections based solely on the similarity of the music itself (content), as opposed to what other users like (metadata).