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SUITEKeys Speech Interface

SUITEKeys is a continuous speech understanding system for motor-impaired users. It is an application from a multi-year project in natural language processing and speech recognition.

SUITEKeys was funded by the Louisiana Board of Regents (#LEQSF-1997-00-RD-A-31).


The following describe earlier theory, system development and assessment.

System Details

SUITEKeys provides complete access to a computer through speech interaction with the keyboard and mouse.

Version 1.0 runs only on MS Windows XP. It is available for download here.


The following contributed to system development: David Lyle, Rao Adavikolanu, Huong Do, Corey Gaudin, Garrick Hall, Alan Harkreader, Billy Jacobs, Jonathan Laughery, Eric Li, Adi Sakala, and Bill Manaris.