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jMusic is a programming library written for musicians. It is simple enough for newbie programmers but sophisticated enough to enable composers to accomplish real work, whatever form that may take. jMusic is designed to be used as a compositional medium, therefore it is primarily designed for musicians - not computer programmers. However, many people find jMusic useful for music software development, in particular for digital instrument making.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download jython + jMusic bundle
  2. Open (unzip) archive onto your desktop. You should now have a folder called jythonMusic.
  3. Open a terminal window
    • Windows: Open an MSDOS shell via cmd command (Start / Run / cmd) shell.
    • Mac OS X: Open a shell via the Terminal application.
  4. Within the shell, change directory (cd) to the jythonMusic directory (folder).
  5. At the command prompt, issue the command jython After a lot of messages (ignore them), this should play a single note. It will also create a single file called bing.mid in the jythonMusic folder.

jMusic is installed.


jMusic has the following class hierarchy:

  • A Note is defined in terms of pitch and duration.
  • A Phrase contains zero or more Notes.
  • A Part contains zero or more Phrases.
  • A Score contains zero or more Parts