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'''Assigned Date''': Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2017 \\
'''Due Date''': Monday, Nov. 20 \\
'''Due Time''': 2 hours before class time

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This is a group assignment - you must work in teams of 2 or 3. See course collaboration policy for details.


This is the next phase of the semester project.

In the previous phase, we created and critiqued a higher-fidelity prototype of your interface.

In this phase, we will perform a Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) of your system.


Remember - your submitted project document must include everything developed so far.

Update your Google project document to include:

# A draft HTA capturing the '''current''' task hierarchy as supported by your current UI prototype. It is important that you capture this precisely without making any improvements.

# Improve this HTA. Write down which heuristics / techniques you use (e.g., paired action, restructure, balance, generalize, etc.). One should be able to see the steps you took to improve your HTA.

# The improved HTA resulting from the above.

Your document should include the two HTAs and your comments explaining the improvements.

Ultimately, your new HTA should promote usability, so you should evaluate it with a few potential users before submitting it.


# Update your Google project document. Again, this should include all components developed so far (refined to the latest version): Application name, Application Concept, User Goal, etc.

# Bring a hardcopy to class on the due date.

# Be ready to present your HTA to the class in a form that allows easy evaluation. We may evaluate it in class (similar to our paper prototyping session).


* As per course collaboration policy, there should be no discussion of any kind about this assignment (and possible solutions) with any person outside your team other than the instructor. '''You are not allowed to discuss/look at someone else’s solution (including material in books and the Internet) or show your solution to someone else outside your team other than the instructor'''.

* '''Include references''' on materials (other than the textbooks and handouts) you consulted to do the assignment.


Grading will be based on your ability to carefully and succinctly identify the above key points.
* Work for clarity, succinctness, and effectiveness.
* ''Hint'': It might help to think of your report as a (meta) user interface, and your classmates as your end-users. What is their goal in reading your work? What tasks they would want to accomplish? Help them achieve those tasks.

Grading may also be based on the quality of your evaluation of others' work (e.g., 10-20% of your grade).