Bill Manaris : Fall 2016 / CSCI 380 Final Project

Assigned Date: Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016
Due Date: Friday, Dec. 9
Due Time: 12:20pm (10 mins before class)

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This is a group assignment - you must work in teams of 2 or 3. See course collaboration policy for details.


This is the final phase of the semester project.

In the previous phase, we focused on bringing your project document up-to-date, and creating a high-fidelity UI prototype.

In this phase, we will finalize your high-fidelity prototype, finalize the project document to be consistent throughout, and create a video that demonstrates your work to the world.


The first two items are due Friday, Dec. 9 (as mentioned above).

The video is due two hours before the final exam. It should be uploaded in the Projects folder (Google Drive).

Here are some video editors you can use (there are others): YouTube video editor (easy), iMovie (Mac), Movie Maker (Windows), and WeVideo.


  1. Final high-fidelity prototype (fix issues, bring everything up-to-speed).
  2. Final project document. This should include:
    • Application name
    • Team members, date, etc.
    • Application concept
    • User description
    • User goal
    • User personas
    • User Scenarios
    • Prioritized user tasks
    • Conceptual model
    • Use cases
    • UI prototyping tool you used (name / URL)
    • the rationale as to why you picked selected this tool over others (e.g., see email you sent earlier)
    • online link to your prototype (if your prototyping tool allows this)
      • if your prototyping tool does not allow this, provide an explanation as to why this is not possible.
    • Screenshots of your high-fidelity prototype
      • Arrange these screenshots in terms of the most important prioritized user tasks.
      • Identify a task, and then show the user flow through the prototype, in terms of screenshots. Repeat for a couple of other tasks.
      • It is OK to include the same screenshots across different tasks. Your goal is to best communicate to the reader what they would see if they were using your system interactively. So, such repetition is useful.
  3. Video of your system.
    • This should be like a Kickstarter video that presents your concept, and your prototype to the world. See useful Kickstarter video instructions.
    • A target duration is 3 minutes in length (+/- 2 minutes or so). But use as much time as you feel is needed.



Grading will be based on your ability to carefully and succinctly identify the above key points.

Grading may also be based on the quality of your evaluation of others' work (e.g., 10% to 20% of your grade).


  1. Submit your final project document in class on the due date to be graded.
  2. Also upload it on OAKS in PDF format.
  3. Upload your video to the Projects folder on Google Drive (this is due on the day of the final).

To be eligible for full credit you must follow these instructions carefully.

Relevant Quote

"Any amount of work can be done in any amount of time... only the quality varies." ~Joao Meidanis

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