Fall 2010»CSCI 210 Homework 4

CSCI 210 Homework 4

Assigned Date: Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2010
Due Date: Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010
Due Time: noon

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This assignment focuses on:

  • developing an interactive fiction game,
  • gaining experience with a new game genre (Interactive Fiction),
  • paper prototyping and user interface design, and
  • iterative game refinement.

This is a group assignment (but you may choose to work solo). You may discuss the assignment only with your group or the instructor.


Develop a new (interactive fiction) Adventure game.


In the spirit of the original Adventure game, develop your own interactive fiction (IF) game.

The game should be small, i.e., playable in less than 2 hours.

This effort is divided into two assignments (i.e., design and implementation).

This is the design assignment, so your objective here is to develop a design document.

The design document should include the following:

  1. Your names, course, assignment no., date.
  2. Name of the game.
  3. Idea (for an example see Alabaster).
    • Include the target audience (e.g., age group, etc.)
  4. Story upon which this game is based.
    • Strong suggestion - use an existing short story you have enjoyed (e.g., a short science fiction story by Isaac Asimov, or something along these lines).
    • Remember, you are trying to create a space for suspension of disbelief to occur (i.e., the player needs to "get lost - lose track of time" in your game, and (s)he needs to be able to navigate some aspects of the world (no puzzles are necessary, but you may include some if you wish).
  5. A conceptual map of the game space (along with navigation commands, and other commands available in each state of the game)
    • See previous assignment.
  6. Object(s)
    • For each object include a list of actions (see earlier analysis of the "Asteroids" game).
  7. Conclusion
    • Anything you wish to add about the game, its implementation, credits, etc.


Submit the following via WebCT:

Your PDF design document.

Be prepared to talk about the game design (and "demo" it) to the rest of the class.