Bill Manaris : Fall 2010 / CSCI 210 Homework 2

Assigned Date: Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2010
Due Date: Friday, Oct. 22, 2010
Due Time: noon

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This assignment focuses on:

This is a group assignment. You may discuss the assignment only with your group or the instructor.


Develop a computer game using MIT's Scratch.


Implement the game design you presented in class using Scratch. Remember, 2 hours of design can save you 20 hours of coding... So, further refine your design on paper (do storyboards, play the game using different pieces of paper, etc.) - you will not regret it.


Submit your assignment via WebCT. Be prepared to demo your game to the rest of the class.

The submission should contain:

  1. Your Scratch project (i.e.,
  2. The game design document from the previous assignment (i.e., nameOfYourGame.pdf). Feel free to update it to reflect the latest details about your game. It should be in PDF format.

To receive full credit, you must include your names, date, class, and information on how to use your program and instructions on how to play the game in the Scratch Project Info window:


Your grade will be based on how well you followed the above instructions, and the depth/quality of your work. Also, each team member will get to evaluate their own contribution and that of others within the group.

Relevant Quote

"Any amount of work can be done in any amount of time... only the quality varies." ~Joao Meidanis

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