Fall 2009»FYSM 117 Homework 4

FYSM 117 Homework 4

Assigned Date: Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009
Due Date: Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009
Due Time: 9:00am

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This is a pair assignment. You may work with a partner.


This assignment focuses on:

  • creating music with computers,
  • gaining experience with music transcription software,
  • the difference between frequency-based vs. notation-based representation,
  • creating a simple melody using Western music notation.


  1. Use MuseScore to write the music for "Row-Row-Row Your Boat" in Western music notation [1]:
    Figure 1. Row-Row-Row Your Boat in Western notation.
    (This is a round, so the asterisk denotes when a new part can join the singing
    by starting at the beginning (i.e., whenever another part reaches the asterisk.)
  2. Introduce a round, by
    1. copying the music for two more instruments (e.g., flute, trumpet, or clarinet) [2]; and
    2. adding appropriate rests.
  3. When done, also do Frère Jacques (again, the asterisks indicate where a new part can begin to create a round):
    Figure 2. Frère Jacques in Western notation.


The more you do, the more bonus points you earn...

  1. Pick a favorite music piece.
  2. Use MuseScore to create a score for it. (If the piece is too long, do a recognizable subset of it.)


You will submit your assignment at the beginning of class on the due date. Bring your project on a standard CDROM disk (or a USB drive).

The CD (or a USB drive) should contain:

  1. The class, homework assignment number, date, and team names written on its surface (or an envelope).
  2. For each music piece, use MuseScore to save the following files:
    • .mscx (MuseScore format file)
    • .mid (MIDI format file)
    • .pdf (PDF format file)
    • .ogg (Ogg Vorbis Audio format file)

Before submitting the CD make sure everything is readable from it.

Alternatively, you could submit everything on a memory stick (USB flash drive). Put it in an envelop with the class, homework assignment, date, name of your composition, team names written on its surface.


Your assignment will be graded based on how well you followed the above instructions.


  1. MuseScore Manual, note entry shortcuts, accessed on-line Nov. 4, 2009.
  2. MuseScore Manual, copy-and-paste shortcuts, accessed on-line Nov. 4, 2009.


Above scores come from Wikipedia.