Bill Manaris : Fall 2008 / CSCI 210 Homework 1

Assigned Date: Thursday, Sep. 11, 2008
Due Date: Thursday, Sep. 18, 2008
Due Time: 1:40pm

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This assignment focuses on:

This is a group assignment. You may discuss the assignment only with your group or the instructor.


Develop a computer game using MIT's Scratch.

To prepare, go over Getting Started (PDF), and Reference Guide (PDF). It is a good idea to print these out and bring them to class.

Phase 1

Submit a typed piece of paper with your design of a computer game for 10-year old kids. Include the following:

Phase 2

You should be ready to present to others what you have so far.

The best way to do this is to prepare a paper prototype to bring to class. It can be as low-fidelity (i.e., a quick drawing of the user interface on paper(s)) or high-fidelity (i.e., actual screen snapshots) or anywhere in between.

We will do a paper prototyping activity to get some feedback about your design from others. During the activity, be VERY open to suggestions (as per the Nielsen/Norman DVD we watched in class).


You will submit your assignment at the beginning of class on the due date. Be prepared to demo it to the rest of the class. Be ready to invite/receive feedback from others. Be open to making substantial changes to what you have. The more useful feedback you get now, the better your final product will be.


Your grade will be based on how well you followed the above instructions, and the depth/quality of your work.

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