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Submit the entire program (i.e., include the functions given above), so that it can be graded easily.
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The submission instructions have changed:

'''WebCT''' should be used to submit your program, @@targetShoot.py@@.

It is fine to submit a partial solution for partial credit. However, you need to state in your top documentation what does not work yet.


The following policies are in effect for this assignment:

* Programming assignment grades will be based on design and style as well as correctness of result.

* You should follow the above specs very carefully.

* You may discuss the problem and how to solve it with others, but you may not look at, copy, or use any code (or pseudocode) that was written by anyone other than yourself. If I have evidence that you have shared program code or used code found anywhere, your grade will be zero.

* If you do discuss the problem and how to solve it with others, you must document that in the top documentation (see below).

* Not following these rules is in violation of the Student Honor Code and instances of such violations will be reported to the Honor Board.


All identifiers should be meaningful.

Include your design (pseudocode) as comments in your program.

The following comments should appear in your program as the first lines in the file. Items in angle brackets are either to be removed or replaced with what is specified within the brackets:

(:source lang=Python tabwidth=3 -trim :)
# Name: <your name goes here first and last minimum>
# <ProgramName>.py
# Problem: <Brief, one or two sentence description of the
# problem that this program solves, in your own
# words.>
# Certification of Authenticity:
# <include one of the following>
# I certify that this lab is entirely my own work.
# I certify that this lab is my own work, but I
# discussed it with: <Name(s)>