Fall 2007»CSCI 199 Homework 2

CSCI 199 Homework 2

Assigned Date: Thursday, Oct. 4, 2007
Due Date: Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2007
Due Time: 11:55pm

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This assignment focuses on reading in and modifying images in Python.

You will work in teams of two.


Pick a few favorite images (e.g., from flickr.com, www.sxc.hu, or morguefile.com).

Write a program that loads in an image and modifies it using functions from Python Media API.

Introduce some randomness in the process that modifies the image.

Aim to create aesthetic images.


Upload your submission to WebCT.

  1. Create a Word document with the following contents:
    • Class, assignment number, date, and your names.
    • Five (5) images. For each image include:
      • the original image
      • the modified image
      • a caption that describes how the image was modified
  2. Upload the code that generated the images. Make sure the code is documented with appropriate comments. Your program(s) should be named:
    • hmwk2.image1.smith_jones.py (replace smith and jones with your last names)
    • hmwk2.image2.smith_jones.py
    • hmwk2.image3.smith_jones.py
    • ...


Your assignment will be graded based on how aesthetically interesting your images look, the variety of ideas you tried, and how clean your code is.