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Patrick Roos

My name is Patrick Roos and I am a Senior Discovery Informatics Major at the College of Charleston. I have been doing research in Dr. Manaris' research group since Fall 2005. Our research focuses around applications of Zipf's Law in Computer Science, particularly applied to music and aesthetics.

My academic interests include Artificial Intelligence and its applications, Data Mining, and Statistical or Machine Learning. I had the opportunity to attend a workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Music and Art with our research group at the University of La Coruna, Spain in the Spring of 2006. This experience and projects I have worked on since joining Dr. Manaris' research group have gotten me increasingly interested in computerized music and art creation and the exploration and analysis of aesthetics.

Contact Info:
Email: proos@edisto.cofc.edu
Office: J.C. Long 211
Patrick Roos
Computer Science Department
College of Charleston
66 George St.
Charleston, SC 29424