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!NEvMusE: Experiments in Computer-Aided Music Composition and Computational Aesthetics

This page presents preliminary results from exploring the potential (a) of an AAC framework for computer-assisted music composition, in general; and (b) of using NEvMusE to create "aesthetic" variations of an existing piece, in particular. Due to the range of possibilities, NEvMusE was given a [[bwv784.theme.harmony.mid | harmonic outline]] of a single piece: [[bwv784.theme.60bpm.mid | J.S. Bach's Invention #13 in A minor]].

We performed numerous runs with the different configurations to empirically assess the "aesthetics" of the generated pieces.

!!Samples of generated music

!!!Good Music

These are examples of good pieces - pieces generated from the best configurations (as described in the paper):
[[good.7.mid]], and

!!!Human Compositions

Here are two pieces of music by human composers using some of the above variations: [[tranquility.mp3 | Tranquility]] and [[daydream.wav | Daydream]].

!!!Bad Music

For comparison purposes, here a examples of not-so-good pieces - pieces generated from less-than-promissing configurations (as described in the paper):
[[bad.7.mid]], and