Fall 2006»CSIS 672 Homework 2

CSIS 672 Homework 2

Assigned Date: Monday, Oct. 9, 2006
Due Date: Friday, Oct. 20, 2006
Due Time: 11:55pm

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This is a group assignment. See course collaboration policy for details.


This is the first phase of developing a user interface to an evolutionary programming application.


  1. Thursday, Oct. 12, 5pm: Send email with the names of your team members.
  2. Friday, Oct. 20, 11:55pm: Submit a short report on the Wiki (see below). Be ready to present your analysis in class (in 10 minutes or less).


(a) Create a user profile for this system.

(b) Create three user personas (with photos) for system users.

  • At the top of your report, include a certificate of authenticity using this format:
       Certification of Authenticity:

       I certify that this submission is entirely our own work, 
       as per course collaboration policy.

       Names: ________________________ Date: ___________
  • Include references on materials (other than the textbooks and handouts) you consulted to do the assignment.


Your CEO does not wish to bring in external domain experts at this stage because this is a rather novel idea. (You also suspect that she might not wish to tip off the competition as to what you are working on.)

So instead the company hired this consultant who gave you a long-distance presentation (via satellite) on the technology capabilities (the DVD we watched in class). Also, you got access to a preprint of a scientific paper that will be published in six months (the paper you read). Of course, you have all signed non-disclosure agreements, which means you should NOT talk to anyone else.

Your CEO wants you to decide what the best target audience might be... Think of your work as a proposal aiming to maximize the company's future influence. What is the best audience for this application/technology? How to best target it/package it?

Artists? Children? People with learning disabilities? People with locked-in syndrome?

Realize that you do NOT have to make all of the technology visible (i.e., technology for technology's sake). The conceptual model (which you are NOT required to fully specify now) should fit the target population. Think ahead...

Given these constraints, you should probably explore similar applications out there, i.e., programs that combine evolutionary computation (genetic algorithms, genetic programming), with visual art or music, etc. What are their target audiences? (Google is your friend.)

Add these references at the bottom of your report. These will come in handy during the next phase, i.e., paper prototyping.


Grading will be based on your ability to carefully and succinctly provide the required information.


Submit your solution by editing your page: Tyler Bennett, Thomas Dion, Johnathan Heh, Robert Keisler, Mark Mixson, Luca Pellicoro, Jeffrey Shumard, and Brian Smith.