Bill Manaris : Fall 2006 / CSIS 672 Homework 1 Template


 *  Author:     {Your Name} 
* Course: CSIS 672, Section 90
* Assignment: Homework 1
* Due Date: {The assignment's due date}
* Certification of Authenticity {include one of the following}:
* I certify that this work is entirely my own.
* I certify that this work is my own, but I received
* some assistance from: {Name(s), References, etc.}

Name of System you are Evaluating


Describe your first impressions:


What is good and bad about this interface?


What is good and bad about the user experience it produces?


Here is an example of how to add
an image.


Describe the system's functionality.

Provide concise, yet complete description (one to three sentences).

User Tasks

List user tasks.

What would a typical user want to accomplish? (Remember: Focus on user tasks, not system features.)

Is the functionality greater, equal, or less than what the user needs?

Usability Breakdown

Describe a usability breakdown caused by the system's design.


Using design concepts and other principles from class/textbook, explain why this usability breakdown occurred.


Discuss possible design improvements to the interface, based on your usability evaluation.


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