Bill Manaris : Fall 2006 / CSIS 672 Final Project


Although OS interfaces we have moved from command-line to direct-manipulation interaction, general programming is still command-line.

In the last assignment, we explored the question: What will the task of programming computers look like 10-20 years from now?

For the final project, we continue to explore the future of HCI and computer programming, being inspired by ideas from:

Kay, A. "The Early History of Smalltalk", ACM SIGPLAN Notices, Volume 28, Number 3, March 1993.

Again, here are some Alan Kay's quotes to provide context (from Wikipedia):


Specify a draft for a new, revolutionary programming paradigm/language for regular programmers (like you and me).

Provide the following:

To evaluate your idea, provide:

Here are two typical programs for this task in Java and Python (courtesy of Brian Smith and Jeff Shumard).

       Certification of Authenticity:

       I certify that this submission is entirely our own work, 
       as per course collaboration policy.

       Names: ________________________ Date: ___________


Grading will be based on your ability to carefully and succinctly provide the required information.


Submit your solution by editing your page: Tyler Bennett, Thomas Dion, Johnathan Heh, Robert Keisler, Mark Mixson, Luca Pellicoro, Jeffrey Shumard, and Brian Smith.

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