Fall 2006»CSCI 299 Homework 3 Template

CSCI 299 Homework 3 Template


 *  Author:     {Your Name} 
* Course: CSCI 299, Section 90
* Assignment: Homework 3
* Due Date: {The assignment's due date}
* Certification of Authenticity {include one of the following}:
* I certify that this work is entirely my own.
* I certify that this work is my own, but I received
* some assistance from: {Name(s), References, etc.}

Name: Name of simulation

Here is an example of how to insert
a screenshot (include as many as needed,
but no more than, say, five).

Description: Describe the high-level concept of your simulation in a few sentences.

Rules: Specify the rules used by boids

  • Rule 1: ...
  • Rule 2: ...
  • ...

Other Comments: State anything of interest about your simulation, not covered above.

Download Link(s): {upload.py Δ, each.py Δ, file.py Δ, separately.py Δ}

Installation Instructions: Provide any special installation instructions, other than placing the files in the same directory.


  1. Specify important references.
  2. ...