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'''Download Link(s)''': {[[(Attach:)upload]], [[(Attach:)each]], [[(Attach:)file]], [[(Attach:)separately]]}
'''Download Link(s)''': {[[(Attach:)upload.py]], [[(Attach:)each.py]], [[(Attach:)file.py]], [[(Attach:)separately.py]]}
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* Author: {Your Name} \\
* Course: CSCI 299, Section 90 \\
* Assignment: Homework 2 \\
* Due Date: {The assignment's due date} \\
* \\
* Certification of Authenticity {include one of the following}: \\
* \\
* I certify that this work is entirely my own. \\
* \\
* I certify that this work is my own, but I received \\
* some assistance from: {Name(s), References, etc.} \\

'''Name''': {name of game}
%center% %rframe margin-right=8px margin-bottom=8px% Attach:whiteboard.jpg | [-'''Here is an example of how to insert\\
a screenshot (include as many as needed,\\
but no more than, say, five).'''-]

'''Genre''': {use a comma-separated list from this [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_and_video_game_genres | taxonomy]]; add more categories, if necessary}

'''Programming Language''': Python. {Also specify if some additional packages are needed, e.g., [[http://adamv.com/dev/python/curses/ | wcurses]]. [-(If so, provide download link to each)-].}

'''Description''': {a few sentences, in '''your own words''', describing the nature of the game; what is the goal of the game}

'''Interaction Style''': {e.g., text-based, adventure maze, roquelike, etc.}

%center% %rframe margin-right=8px margin-bottom=8px% Attach:whiteboard2.jpg | [-'''Here is another example of how to insert\\
a screenshot (it was resized to 255x191\\

'''Interaction Objects''': {describe the types of objects available; list objects exhaustively if possible; describe intrinsic behavior of each object (or object type); describe available operations (actions) per object (or object type)}

'''Interaction Controls''': {specify device, e.g., mouse, keyboard, etc.; specify complete details in list form}

'''Other Comments''': {state anything of interest about the game, not covered above}

'''Download Link(s)''': {[[(Attach:)upload]], [[(Attach:)each]], [[(Attach:)file]], [[(Attach:)separately]]}

'''Installation Instructions''': {provide any special installation instructions, other than placing the files in the same directory}


# Specify [[http://www.cs.cofc.edu/~manaris/index.php/Fall2006/CSCI299 | important references]].
# ...